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Registration in 3 steps

Step 1 - One-time registration

If you still have to register on my site, click on Register above the registration (as in Fig. 1 ).

Fig 1-EN.jpg

Image 1

The best thing to do is to register with your Facebook or Google account.


If you are not logged in to Facebook or Google, you can also log in to me with an email address and a new password (important: do not use your email password). In picture 2 you can see how you register with an email.


picture 2

As soon as you have registered I will be informed and have to activate you. Once activated, you will be notified by email, you can now register on my site and have access to additional website content, such as live training, forums and videos.

Step 2 - Log-in

Go to again and log in with the previously selected option (Facebook, Google or Email). Figure 3 shows the registration with an email address.


picture 3

Step 3 - Start the live stream, train with us and have fun!

Go to the page down to zoom and the live stream (as in the overview picture 4 below).  


Option 1: zoom (with webcam)

If you choose Zoom (via the Zoom-Live button), you can activate your camera and I can see you while training. Zoom must be installed on your computer. With the Zoom-Live button, your zoom is started automatically and you come to my virtual training room.

Important : If I am not in the virtual training room myself, then you will be shown that you have to wait for the "host" - just leave it on and wait (as in Figure 5 ). I am the host and as soon as I am online (usually five minutes before training) you will automatically join.


Option 2: Website live stream (without webcam)

If you choose the live stream on my website (it is under the zoom option - see image 4 ), then you are not visible to me, but you can simply click on it to start training and join in. The stream starts automatically as soon as the course starts.

(with webcam)
LIVE online stream
(without webcam)

Picture 4


Bild 5

If you still need help, write to me via the member chat (bottom right of the screen) or by email (

That's it, I'm looking forward to you!

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