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Changes and course fees

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It's been three months since I started the online Melletics course to keep us physically and mentally fit during this very special time of the lockdowns. Since there will still be restrictions in the future, we will continue to offer and expand the online courses.

We have received support from some individuals and associations, for which we thank you very much. However, in order to be able to continue to bear the various costs, the online offer will be chargeable from February 20, 2021 (club members of paying clubs are excluded - see below). The best way to book a package is directly through our website or contact us for further booking options.


We have created two new packages for this purpose:


Package 1 *: Melletics online courses continue to be three times a week

(Mon + Wed + Fri, at 6 p.m.) - for € 19.95 per month .

Note: This equates to less than € 1.70 per training .


Package 2 *: Melletics video library with flexible times

(Package 1 is included here) - for € 22.95 per month .


- You can catch up and repeat the course at any time for a week.

- In addition, the video library offers additional Melletics training units to put together.


* All paid standard packages (Package 1 and Package 2) have a term of 6 months.


Anti-COVID offer:   Of course, we don't want to leave anyone behind during this time and are therefore offering you a special offer for 3 months (three months) for only € 9.95 per month until (February 20th, 2021).

That is the equivalent of less than 90 cents per training.


Introductory package: There is still the 2-week introductory package for the Melletics video library, which is flexible in terms of time.


Note for club members:

If you are a member of a club that has a contract with us and bears the costs of the courses, then you are exempt from our costs yourself and can continue to use the online course three times a week free of charge as usual. For this you have to confirm your club membership with your club contract. Send us a scan or photo of your contract to .

If you are not sure whether your club pays for the courses, you can also write to me (see the direct link below or by email to ).


Do you already have an existing 6-month package?

Class! If you have already purchased a 6-month package , this package remains unaffected for the duration of the contract . We also give you the opportunity to receive a loyalty discount in the first month after the end of your contract period, with which you can extend your contract at a reduced rate for € 14.95 / month *. To do this, we ask you to write to us before the end of the last month of your contract term in order to receive a discount code.


We keep the course fees as cheap as possible, but ask for your understanding that we now have to raise or increase fees for this offer.



We look forward to still having you with us ,

your Mel and her team




I am at your disposal for any questions you may have
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