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Melletics by Melanie Cypko
Buggy Training

Like eating and drinking  

regular exercise is important

and having fun with sports

you are more successful in the long term!

What is Melletics and Buggy Training?

Melletics is a sports experience that trains the whole body with good music and varied exercises. In contrast to other sports, there is no one-sided focus on strength, endurance and balance, but rather combines well-known sports and exercises in a unique concept. At Melletics, anything is possible, just don't get bored!

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Here I especially offer Melletics as a buggy training that offers a one-hour training session with a stroller and baby, a great change from everyday life, trains the body, the immune system and the mind, enables training in the fresh air and gives you a place with tips & Tricks for you as mom, serving your body and your baby.

Important instructions
As? The stroller must be suitable for every surface, so no umbrella buggy. If your baby does not want to lie in the stroller, it is also possible to take part in the course with a fixed carrier.
When and where? From October every Friday at 10 a.m. (the meeting point will be announced by message).

What language? The course is held in German, but I am also happy to offer English and Dutch.

How much? The training costs € 10 and only five people can participate per training.

If you are interested, simply register and, if you have any questions, simply write an email to or via WahtsApp and call 0159 0627 5625


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