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Like eating and drinking  

regular exercise is important

and having fun with sports

you are more successful in the long term!

MELLETICS is not just a sport, it is an experience in which good music and fun in training are just as important as the exercises themselves.


MELLETICS (in German: Conscious, persistent and low impact athletics) is based on the  conscious use of strength, endurance and balance. For  enduring fitness and health,  in order to achieve progress not only in the short term, but also to keep it in the long term. For healthy movements where light impacts on joints and bones are just the right impulses for even  Give strengthening.  

The Melletics course is a 1 hour full body workout  and is suitable well into old age. My oldest participant is 85 years old, just great! Each training session is accompanied by music from all over the world and I take the participants with me on trips through different countries, cultures and eras.

Melletics Trainingsablauf.png

MELLETICS is a new concept that I developed over the years as a club trainer in Germany and the Netherlands with hundreds of enthusiastic participants. It is exactly for those who do not only want to practice one sport for years, but want to rediscover themselves and their love for sport and music with every training session.


Would you rather be online from home?  Sign up for free, try it out and learn the diversity of Melletics through mine  Training videos  know yourself. You can get a first impression on my YouTube channel  do. I am very happy to train you personally and in my group on site in Berlin or online .

How did Melletics come about?  Here is more about me and the making of Melletics .

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